Custom production Brabus

Pomocí dílů a doplňků od značky Brabus dokážeme posunout hranice výkonu a vzhledu Vašeho vozu. Brabus nám umožňuje proměnit sériové vozy v unikátní vyjádření stylu. Je tak ideální volbou pro ty, kdo hledají nekompromisní design, výkon a osobitost.

Take your car to the next level, increasing performance, reducing weight and more. Ask us, we are specialists in the field

What does Brabus mean

Brabus offers owners of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach or Smart, but also, for example, Porsche 911 or Rolls-Royce Ghost, the possibility of individual customisation. From increased comfort behind the wheel, to sophisticated interior and exterior design, to uncompromising engine performance.

Brabus modifications not only for Mercedes-Benz, but also for Maybach, Smart, Porsche 911 and Rolls-Royce Ghost
Increase the comfort of your car with Brabus

Engine performance and sound

We'll take your car's performance to the next level and make sure you can not only feel the power of your car, but also hear it. Our team of experienced technicians perform engine and exhaust modifications with the utmost precision.

Installation and service of original Brabus parts


With genuine Brabus parts, we give your car a unique look exactly to your liking. Do you want a robust bumper, a sports wing, unique Brabus Monoblock wheels or a custom paint job? We can handle it all.

Increase the comfort of your car with interior enhancements using genuine Brabus parts


Running boards, carpets, pedals, quilted leather seats and other Brabus interior accessories are the icing on the cake. Every detail can be brought to absolute perfection so that the entire interior shines with elegance and reflects your personality.

Máte smysl pro detail? Originální přislušenství od značky Brabus

Accessories and accessories

For the true connoisseurs and enthusiasts, Brabus also offers, for example, license plate holders, valve caps or even clothing and accessories. So you can fine-tune your car down to the smallest detail and express your style to the full.

Contact us

In addition to modifying your current car, we can provide you with new or pre-owned Brabus cars. Just email us with the model and specification you are interested in and we will arrange it for you.


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